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Will the batter lose his hit?

Anonymous asked: A batter hits a double.

After reaching 2nd base and play is dead, a courtesy runner comes in for him.

Next batter comes up to the plate. Before the pitch is thrown, the pitcher throws the ball to 1st base and field umpire calls the courtesy runner out because the batter did not touch 1st as he rounded the bag.

Does the batter lose his hit?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

In the situation you have described, the batter never actually had a recordable hit, as he would have to touch first base ahead of a putout throw, for the batted ball to officially become a hit.

The batter-runner has the opportunity to go back and touch the missed base, but must do that immediately. If the ball becomes dead and the runner is on or beyond a succeeding base, he cannot return to the missed base, and therefore is subject to being declared out upon proper and successful appeal.

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