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why would the Boston Red sox hire a manager ( Bobby Valentine ) and not allow him to hire his own staff of coaches ?

by jporz
(Ithaca, NY)

jporz asked: Having fired Bobby Valentine yesterday, I was wondering why would a team hire a field manager and yet have field managers who are not his people ( who, according to media reports, were less than loyal to Valentine ).

It just seems stupid that a great, proud franchise would set someone up to fail so quick and so publically.

Rick answered: jporz, thank you for your question.

It certainly was a strange scenario. Quite a difference in philosophy and demeanor between Terry Francona and Bobby Valentine.

I hadn't followed it closely enough to see that they had left the coaching staff in tact. It is almost always a given that a new manager can bring in his own people. I cannot imagine he didn't want to and surprised, if they said no, that he took the position. He has been around long enough and would have had a good sense of what had taken place.

I am sure there was some animosity from the old staff, given all that they had been through with Francona, and the success they had achieved.

The state of the clubhouse would be a lot to turn around in itself, let alone that the team attitude and production went south. Throw in the injuries and...

I would venture to guess that they will take a different approach this time around. It all has to be somewhat embarassing, and then they trade away a majority of their veteran talent. Big reconstruction job ahead of them.

At this point they need someone like Buck Showalter; but you can bet he's not going anywhere. He did a tremendous job of starting up the Diamondback's. Has recaptured that magic in Baltimore. Respect for the game and going about things the right way.

Be interesting to see how it all plays out for the Red Sox. Hate to see any organization fall to where they have.

I would guess Terry Francona will be successful in Cleveland. Be interesting to see if he looks to surround himself with the staff he had in Boston.

Lots of "hot stove" material already.

Yours in baseball,


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