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Why throw ball to another infielder after a popup is caught

by Anonymous

Why Throw The Ball To Another Infielder After Pop Up?

Why Throw The Ball To Another Infielder After Pop Up?

Anonymous asked: Popup ball caught in infield.

Why throw ball around to another infielder?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

When a pop fly is caught in the infield, or by an infielder in the outfield, with no runners on base, and less than 2 outs, the throw around is a timing maneuver.

Once that out is recorded on the catch of the batted ball, the game has a lapse of time where nothing is happening.

In the picture above, the third baseman has called the shortstop off the pop up, so he can catch it.

Since he is so close to the shortstop at that point, he would throw the ball to the second baseman. As the third baseman moves back closer to his normal position, the second baseman catches the throw from 3B, throws it to the shortstop, shortstop throws it to the re-positioned 3B.

By the time that throw around is complete, the batter who hit the pop up has run off the field, the pitcher has returned to the mound, and the on deck batter has had time to get to the plate for his at bat.

Should home plate need swept, the umpire can get that done in the same sequence.

Spectators have had some form of action to watch, infielders stay focused and active.

The same action goes on with a ground ball out, or a double play. The first baseman records the out, throws to the shortstop, or in some cases the catcher backing up first base, who then throws to the shortstop, who throws to the second baseman, who throws to third baseman.

Both scenarios are for the same reasons, keep the action flowing, until the next batter steps in.

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Jun 01, 2017
by: don

2 things, most amatuer umpires are told to inform the players not to toss the ball around in the highschool games because they are told that it slows the game down. As an amatuer umpire I do not say anything when they do it unless they intentionally are trying to delay. Usually you can tell. the 2nd thing is a question, I submitted a question a couple of weeks ago and have seen nothing on it, is it still in work?

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