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Why don't they throw the runner that is advancing to second or third out first? Instead they seem to throw the runner advancing to first out first.

by Eg

EG asked: It always seems that they do not concentrate on throwing out runners advancing to third or second.

It seems that you would try to keep runners from getting to the latter bases.

Rick answered: EG, thank you for your question.

Generally speaking, it has to do with the number of outs, how hard the ball was hit, whether the runners were stealing at the time, where the ball was hit and the score and inning of the game.

As you watch the play develop, look to see whether the base runners were already running before the pitch was hit, if so, the infielders may only have a play at first.

If the ball is a slow roller still on the infield grass, the fielder most of the time would go to first base, as it may be too late to get another runner, even if they weren't running on the pitch.

We teach infielders to look for their "short throw", as it generally will be easier to make, than throwing across the diamond.

I would need to have some specific descriptions of situations you have noted, to dissect it for you.

A baseball game is an ever changing scenario, pitch to pitch, inning to inning. Players who don't adjust to what is happening in front of them have a hard time playing the game successfully.

Yours in baseball,


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