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Why do players smell their bat? What does it tell them?

by Holly

Superstition in baseball

Superstition in baseball

Holly asked: I have seen them smell their bat very aggressively. What kind of smell are they looking for?

What does it tell them and how do they change their behavior based upon what they smell?

Rick answered: Holly, thank you for your question.

Your question puts us in the realm of baseball superstition.

While most all athletics/athletes are to some degree superstitious, baseball has a long history of it in the game, for players, owners, athletes, fans. No one is immune.

I have not seen anyone smell a bat, though nothing would surprise me.

Players are more likely to kiss their bat for good luck, which would look close to smelling it.

Players, from a young age, are taught to develop a routine for themselves, both for practice and games. Within these individual routines, some superstitions are bound to manifest themselves.

Early on hitters are taught to get in the box, stretch their bat across the plate and tap it on the plate, to be sure they are close enough to the plate to cover it with their bat.

Once you learn that determination, around age 6 or 7, you know where you should, or want to be in the box, and can let go of the tapping routine.

Many do, many do not, feeling that it has become a part of their setup, even though not essential.

As you watch games, you will notice many MLB players still tapping their bat. Wouldn't feel right without it.

There are as many superstitions as there are athletes who play the game, at all levels. They can be related to the way they wear their pants, high, low, or in between. The order they get dressed in, whether or not they change their socks, the list is endless.

I had a player once who kept a baseball card of his favorite player, in the top of his locker. On game days, after he was dressed, he would prop the card up, step back and proceed to stare intently at the card.

Never skipped this routine, when we traveled the card made the trip, and the routine was safe. It meant something to him. Did it make him a better player? If he believed it did, then it did!

The photo above is surely superstition based, quite possibly for good luck. Could be as widespread as everyone on the team has this belief, or it may be just a few.

Many of the better baseball movies made had segments in the movie which dealt with baseball superstition. A few of my favorites, Major League, Major League 2, Bull Durham, Sandlot and the Natural. They all take a humorous look at superstition with the game, both team and individual.

Things players do to and with their equipment can be superstition oriented, or seeking information.

Often you will see hitters tap the knob end of their bat on the ground. They are checking to see if their bat may be cracked. Strictly information based.

Certainly a very interesting part of the game, one that has been around since it's inception, superstition shows no indication that it will disappear.

Yours in baseball,


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Apr 17, 2018
Bat smell
by: Anonymous

They are definitely smelling the bat to determine what kind of contact they got and where exactly they made contact
Not a superstition at all

Jul 19, 2016
Just a little sniff of heaven to some!!
by: Bruce G

When using a wooden bat the friction between the ball and the surface becomes very hot very quickly. If you ever seen a player foul a pitch straight back and the announcer said oh man he just missed that one!! That is when you'll see this happen much more often it is the most awesome smell ever, just look for the singe mark on the bat just moments later and you'd think there was a hickory fire burning in your grandparents fireplace. It's just a baseball thing for folks that have never played at a level where a wood bat is used, there would be no reason for you to even know the feeling it gives a player, don't even get me started on smelling your glove!! Hopefully this will help a bit

Jul 08, 2016
Players that smell there bats
by: Terry

Not a good answer, I have seen many smell there bats, and I don't think it's for luck, there is a sweet spot in the bat, remember what they are made of. If the smell is there after a fowl ball, they will continue to use it, if it's not, it's taken to the bench.

Apr 25, 2015
I've smelled my bat before.
by: John

One of the few times I got to play around with a wood bat in highschool I drilled a foul ball into the fence and my bat smelled like it was burning from the contact, its a cool thing. Ted Williams used to talk about how the bat would smell when you got great contact but just missed the ball.

Apr 04, 2015
never saw them smell a bat?
by: Anonymous

Do you watch baseball at all? They do it all the time!

Jul 27, 2014
real answer
by: Anonymous

They smell the bat because it leaves a burnt wood smell to see where they made contact or if the bat is cracked because when they make contact next it will break which greatly reduces the distance the ball will travel and some just like the smell of the burnt wood

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