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Who provides more of the power a pitcher or a batter?

by Andrew

Andrew asked: Can you hit a home run with swing extremely hard, if the pitcher provides enough power? Who provides more of the power, a pitcher or a batter?

Andrew, thank you for your question.

It takes a little of both. The pitcher creates power with the velocity of his pitches; but not all pitches carry the same amount of velocity.

Hitters hit home runs on all types of pitches that are thrown, thus hitters provide much of the power for off speed pitches such as curve balls, change ups, knuckle balls, sliders, etc.

When hitters hit a fastball for a home run, it takes less power generated from the hitter, due to the velocity of the pitch thrown.

Quite often you will see a pitch thrown at 98mph leave the bat at 100 mph plus.

Both players are generating the power.

Yours in baseball,


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Spalding, Old Time Bat Display

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