The Ole Ball Game

Who gets the win?

by Tim Nott
(Allendale, Michigan)

Who Gets The Win

Who Gets The Win

Tim asked: Starting pitcher concludes the fifth inning in a seven inning college game trailing 4-1.

The visiting team scores eight runs in the top of the sixth and a new pitcher pitches the bottom of the sixth.

Who gets the win. The pitcher that concluded the fifth or the pitcher that concluded the sixth?

Rick answered: Tim, thank you for your question.

Starting pitcher completes 5 innings of a 7 inning game, trailing 4-1.

If the visiting team scores eight runs in the top of the 6th, they are leading either 12-1, or 9-4.

The new pitcher enters the game behind. The starting pitcher left the game trailing. The starter is the only one who can lose, as the home team was never ahead. As I understand your question, you are asking about the home team pitchers, as the new pitcher pitched the bottom of the 6th. The home team was never ahead, so the starting pitcher would get the loss.

Yours in baseball,


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