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Which hand to throw with?

by Kyle Conley
(Cape Coral, FL)

Kyle asked:

My son is 4 years old and is starting his first year of organized ball, T-ball. My concern is which hand do we go with for the remander of his childhood and on. He throws with both, sometimes he throws really strong with the right and sometimes he throws good with the left. He hits from the left but can also hit from the right, although he hits better from the left. I was left handed but bat right handed. I would like to see him through with the left, but I guess it really boils down to what he's most comfortable with.Anyway if you could give me some advice or drills on how to determine what hand he's gonna be throwing a baseball for the rest of his life would be great! Thanks.

Rick answered:

Kyle, thank you for your question.

This is one I have received quite often, thus I have created a page on the subject.

If you go to the "Throwing Rookie" page on the nav bar, you can find a link to "Right or Left Throw" at the bottom of that page. There are some tests you can run which may help sort it out for you.

As far as hitting is concerned, if they want to swing left handed that is where I would stay.

From a coaching standpoint, it is an advantage over time to swing left handed, as the majority of pitchers they will face will be right handed.

If it eventually feels better from the right side, then go with the feel.

Hopefully the information on determining throwing hand dominance will be of help. You and your son are at the first steps of a truly fun, family journey. It is something special!

Yours in baseball,


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