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When to run

by Woo

Woo asked: As a base runner, say there is a runner on third and second with less than 2 outs.

The batter hits the ball to the outfield, the ball is fielded and is thrown to home after the runner on third tags up and attempts for home.

Can the runner on second attempt for third after the ball is thrown from the outfield?

When a ball is hit into the outfield, as base runners can the runners run when the ball is thrown to the cutoff or the designated position?

If so, when? (Ex. After the ball hits the glove)?

Rick answered: Woo, thank you for your question.

For your description of runners on second and third, and a fly ball hit to the outfield, all runners on base at the time are required to tag and are able to run on the catch. They do not have to wait for the ball to be thrown.

The link above will provide you with information on tagging up, at another page on the site.

The second part of your question, runners watch to see that the ball is caught, then they can run. Should the ball hit the fielder's glove, bounce out, the runner would need to wait and see that the ball doesn't get picked back out of the air, which would then be a catch.

If it isn't re-caught before it hits the ground, the runner can run. If re-caught, the base runner needs to stay tagged up, then go on the catch.

Sometimes the situation gets a little confused; but the rule is the runner cannot go before the fly ball is caught.

Yours in baseball,


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