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What's the most runs a team has scored when their pitcher has a no-hitter?

by Gail

Jake Arrieta No Hitter

Jake Arrieta No Hitter

Gail asked: The Cubs have scored 13 runs as of the 8th inning and Jake Arietta has a no-hitter going. Is this the largest number of runs behind a no-hitter?

Rick answered: Gail, thank you for your question.

I have been unable to locate any records for the most runs scored in support of a no hitter.

They may be out there someplace. I would suggest or

Both are great sources for statistical information.

Thirteen runs, whether a record or not, is an amazing feat of concentration and desire.

Once there was a comfortable margin of runs for a win, many pitchers would serve it up and work at just the victory, not the No-No.

That he was able to hold that focus for the entire game was impressive, from a baseball mental game perspective.

Yours in baseball,


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