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What's the call?

Walking lead at 3b

Walking lead at 3b

Anonymous asked: Runner on 3rd with no outs.

Batter hits a fly ball to right field that is caught. Prior to the ball reaching the fielder, the coach for the defense, in the 3B dugout, yells “go!!”

The runner leaves 3rd too soon and scores. The defense properly appeals.

What's the call?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

The rule covering this situation is Rule 3-3 Section 3 Bench and Field Conduct Art 1...A coach, player, substitute, attendant or other bench personnel shall not:

g. Commit any unsportsmanlike act to include, but not limited to:

4. behavior in any manner not in accordance with the spirit of fair play.

Penalty - The umpire shall eject the offender from the game,
unless the offense is judged to be of a minor nature. The umpire shall warn the offender and then eject him if he repeats the offense. The warning or ejection shall be made at the end of the playing action.

Failure to comply shall result in the game being forfeited.

At the end of playing action, the umpire should have called time and immediately ejected the coach who yelled "go", from the game. This would never be considered a minor offense. Runner should have been awarded the base, run scores. Batter is out, gets an rbi.

Play is resumed with 1 out, bases empty.

The appeal would never take place, as the umpire's ruling should come before the appeal could happen.

A situation such as this is why it is important to teach base runners to tag and look at the outfielder make the catch, take charge of your own situation. It is always faster than waiting for the base coach to see it, say go, runner hears it and starts to move.

It helps eliminate things like this scenario from occurring.

However, with younger players someone yelling "go", even though they are looking at the outfielder, may go on the sound anyway.

Easy call for the umpires. Not hard to tell it came out of the defensive team's dugout. Doesn't matter who said it. If umpires are unable to determine exactly who, then they would most certainly eject the head coach, as the buck stops there on matters of bench conduct.

You didn't say whether this situation happened, or if it was a "what if" question.

If it was a situation in real time, I would be interested in the call on the field and what followed that call. That could have gotten interesting.

Yours in baseball,


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