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What time would a 7th grade baseball team have practice?

Anonymous asked: How late would a team practice for baseball on a Saturday night?

My friend said he had baseball practice around 9:15 on a Saturday night.

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

You mention a 7th grade baseball team specifically, so I will assume this is a school related team, not a travel or outside group.

Without knowing the specifics of the school and local facilities situations, at first glance I would say that practicing at 9:15 pm, on a Saturday night would be outside the norm.

Even with facility scheduling problems, it would seem teams would all be able to get worked into a daytime slot on a Saturday.

The standard for school baseball teams is to practice right after school is out. Saturdays either a morning or afternoon practice.

Without additional information on this particular situation, I would not know why they would choose Saturday night at 9:15.

Yours in baseball,


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