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what players for number 3 hitter and number 4 hitter hit 100 home runs and 300 RBIs and 1 season

by james
(norco ca usa)

Go For It!

Go For It!

James asked: Combined season for number 3 and number 4 hitter together what player hit a hundred runs and 300 yards.

Rick answered: James, thank you for your question.

I ran a check through the two sources I use on the site for statistics, and neither have those types of records.

My 2 sources are Baseball Reference and Baseball Almanac.

My site is a resource for youth baseball coaches and players. Stats that we use on the site are those that would help enhance a players game, or a coach's philosophy.

Sorry I was unable to help you with your question.

There are a number of Baseball Trivia related sites on the internet, and one of them may have the information you are looking for.

Yours in baseball,


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