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What kind of play is this and how do you record it on your score sheet?

by Ray

Sac bunt, runner on first base

Sac bunt, runner on first base

Ray asked: Runner on first base, nobody out.

The batter squares and bunts. The ball is then fielded by the third baseman who throws to the second baseman covering first base for the out.

The runner on first base advances to second base.

What kind of play is this, and how do you record it on your score sheet?

Rick answered: Ray, thank you for your question.

The type of play you are asking about is a sacrifice bunt. In this situation, the batter is bunting, with the express purpose of advancing the runner from first base, to second base. This play can also happen with runners on multiple bases, or a single base, such as second.

Once the play is executed, the record in the scorebook goes like this:

For the batter: 5-4 sac. That means the third baseman threw the batter-runner out at first base, with the second baseman covering.

In the final game stats, the batter receives a sacrifice bunt, thus no time at bat.

The runner from first is shown to have moved to second base, with a line drawn between first and second.

The third baseman is recorded with an assist, as 5-4

The second baseman receives a PO, as he caught the throw and recorded the out.

Yours in baseball,


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