The Ole Ball Game

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by Tim
(Staten Island,NY)

Andrew McCutcheon right on this pitch.

Andrew McCutcheon right on this pitch.

Tim asked: Is it smart to swing in a 2-0 count, bases loaded, no out, after the pitcher walked 5 in a row?

Rick answered: Tim, thank you for your question.

As presented, probably not a good idea.

All the pressure is on the pitcher, if you decide to swing and roll into a DP, or pop up, that momentum shift will be a big one.

He may suddenly find himself, and things could turn around fast.

If you decide to take the 2-0 pitch and he does manage to throw a strike, you are still setting 2-1.

As a team, we are always looking to hit 2-0. If not, it becomes a coaching decision to take in that count. We do the same at 3-1.

Hitter's rule is to look for the one pitch you hit best, in the location that you like best. If you don't get what you want, it becomes a take.

Even with that structure we often swing at bad pitches, or don't swing at the one we are looking for. Baseball is funny like that. It's all part of the game, even at the MLB level.

As with everything else you do in the game, realize that if you decide to turn it loose on that 2-0 pitch and pop up or ground into a DP, everyone will say that you should have taken that pitch. Even your Grandmother will tell you so.

Should you square one up and drive in some runs, you will be smart and a hero.

You have to love the game. There is nothing quite like it.

Keep having fun. Don't let the highs get too high, or the lows get too low. There is always another at bat.

Yours in baseball,


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Spalding, Old Time Bat Display

Louisville Sluggers. 1920's

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