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What is the ruling..hit, error, fielders choice?

by Lynn
(Cedar Rapids Ia)

What Is The Call?

What Is The Call?

Lynn asked: Runner on third base.

Hitter bounces one to the third baseman.

Third baseman chases runner back toward third. As the runner stopped steps from the base the baseman continues to focus on him.

The hitter then safely reaches first base and then runner at third steps safely back on third. (No one came to cover third for baseman to throw ball to and he wasn't able to tag the runner)

No throw made by the third baseman and both runners safe.

What is the ruling hit? Error? Fielders choice? I can come with reasons why it isn't any of those..
B1G game

Rick answered: Lynn, thank you for your question.

As you go back through the parts of this play, the first place to start is, there is no category for a mental error.

Since the 3B fielded the ball cleanly, the next option to look at is, did the 3B have a reasonable chance to throw out the batter-runner, had he made the throw to first.

If so, the batter-runner cannot be given a hit.

The option left is fielder's choice. The 3B opted to hold the runner by not making an attempt on the batter-runner. Scoring becomes a fielder's choice.

A hit could be given to the batter, if the scorer felt that there was no chance of the 3B getting the runner at 1B, even if he hadn't held the ball.

That decision has to be made in real time, as the play develops.

Yours in baseball,


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