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what is the responsablity of the batter once he hits the ball?

by zeno

You Hit The Ball, Now What

You Hit The Ball, Now What

Zeno asked:hat is the responsibility of the batter once he hits the ball?

Yes, obviously to make it to the bag safe, but is it head down all the way to the bag, listening for the first base coach?

Does the batter, after making contact, visually track the ball halfway up the baseline? Thank you.

Rick answered: Zeno, thank you for your question.

In the images above, you have 3 parts to the answer for your question.

The first part, put the ball in play. Once the ball is hit, the batter should come out of the box with his back foot first.

Everything needs to be full speed, no hesitation. Doubles and triples are made out of the box, not necessarily location or distance the ball traveled.

Three to four strides towards first base, take a quick glance at the field to see what is happening with the ball you hit.

Make it a quick glance, so that you can maintain your straight, full speed run to first base.

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Runner should be listening for their first base coach. He/she should be telling you to run through or make your turn, and where the ball is currently located if it got through the infield.

The coach is there to assist. As a batter-runner or a base runner you want to take the responsibility for knowing where the ball is and what the situation calls for you to do.

When you know right off the bat that the ball will be in the outfield you start your turn at about the halfway point towards first base, so that you get a better angle towards the next base.

This is covered as well on the home to first page.

Base running is often an overlooked portion of the game. If you are looking for an edge for yourself as a player, or your team against your competition, base running is an area where time spent on the fundamentals will get you substantial rewards.

Yours in baseball,


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