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What is the record for a pro-baseball team for having the most bases-loaded situations and the team does not score?

by Mike Stas
(Latrobe, PA USA)

PNC Park Pittsburg

PNC Park Pittsburg

Mike asked:Last night the Pirates loaded the bases 5 times but failed to score a single run.

Has this ever happened before?

Rick answered: Mike, thank you for your question.

I was unable to locate information on your question.

You might find the answer to that with Elias Sports Bureau, they are the go to company for MLB.

In the long history of baseball, my guess is that it has happened before, most likely more than once.

Frustrating for fans, players and coaches alike. As each additional bases loaded situation comes up, the pressure to make it happen becomes greater, particularly in the Pirate's situation of having to win out to win the division.

Pressure does strange things. The harder you try, the worse it gets!

Yours in baseball,


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