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What is the official rule in Major League Baseball regarding the removal of helmets by a runner?

Anonymous asked: what is the Official Rule in MLB regarding the removal of helmets by a runner?

For example, bases are loaded, and the runner at 3rd has removed his helmet and is holding it in his arms with no time called.

Catcher makes a snap throw in an attempt to retire the runner since he is off the base. Runner makes it back safely but still has his helmet in his hand during the whole play..........

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

Major League Baseball has a rule which requires base coaches to wear a helmet, catchers to wear a helmet and mask, and all batters and base runners to also wear a helmet.

I was unable to locate anything specific in their rules in regard to intentionally removing their helmet.

Since it is a requirement to have it, I would assume they would enforce the removing portion; could not locate the verbage.

Yours in baseball,


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