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What is the correct call in this situation?

by Andrew

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Andrew asked: The count is 2-1, runner on first base 1 out.

Ball 3 is thrown and the runner is stealing second, but the batter thinks its ball 4 and starts to run down to first base.

The catcher throws the ball to second and the runner is clearly out, but the field umpire makes no call because he too believes that it is ball 4, so there is no call made.

The umpires meet and rule a "do over" and the runner is sent back to first but the batter now has has a 3-1 count. Is the correct call?

If not what is the correct call?

Rick answered: Andrew, thank you for your question!

For sure, this one had to have gotten exciting.

The runner at second is out on the throw and tag, if the umpires get together and agree that the actual result of the throw was an out, called by the field ump or not.

The batter is returned to the plate with a 3-1 count, and there are now two outs.

By calling a "do over, the defensive team is punished for the umpire or umpire's losing the count. Defensively they made the right decision to throw through, had the out, and it should stand.

The umpire's have the ability to recheck their indicators and mental count, as well as the official scorebook to get the count correct.

No penalty for the batter heading for first, as his action did not persuade the catcher to hold the ball. The defense did everything correctly, the umpire's should have gotten together, talked it through and called the out at second, and put the batter back in the box with a 3-1 count.

I can only imagine how upset the defensive team might have been. How did the game turn out, and was that runner at first base a factor in the outcome?

Yours in baseball,


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Jul 03, 2012
Correct Call
by: Anonymous

Anonymous commented: Yes the call did effect the outcome of the game, i think that run and the runner at the plate ended up scoring and they lost by 2 or 3 if i recall correctly. Thanks for your answer!

Rick's response: Thank you for the update.

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