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What does it mean to be tagged out after making the turn?

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Chase Ballpark

Anonymous asked: What is meant by "making the turn" which seems to allow a runner to be tagged out after he touches the first base bag after a play is made at second?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

The rule covering your question is Rule 8-4h-1: If a batter-runner safely touches first base and then over-slides or over-runs it, except on a base on balls, he may immediately return to first base without the liability of being tagged out, provided he did not attempt to run or feint to second.

As you look at the pictures above, a batter-runner is able to run past the bag at first base and return to it without being tagged out.

When the runner has passed the bag, he can stop and turn to his right, or his left and come directly back to the bag without penalty.

The batter-runner may be tagged out if he turns towards second base, and the umpire determines that the runner made an attempt to start for second base.

If the runner turns to his right or left, either headed for the dugout or his defensive position, he may also be called out by the umpire for abandoning his efforts to run the bases.

There is generally some confusion in youth baseball about a runner's ability to stop, turn towards second base and come straight back to first base. All legal, as long as no attempt is made to start towards second.

In your question you mentioned after a play is made at second.

As long as the batter-runner runs through the bag at first, the above rules apply.

If, in seeing the action play out at second base, the batter-runner decided to round the bag at first, towards second and the infielder at second base threw to first where they tagged the batter-runner out, that would be the correct call.

Once the runner decided to round the base, he loses his opportunity to return to first base, without the threat of being put out.

Yours in baseball,


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