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What does a high school baseball manager do?

(Chicagoland area )

Take good care of these guys, they are like gold!

Take good care of these guys, they are like gold!

Madelyn asked: I am a girl, so I can't be on the baseball team at my high school and I don't like the girls on the softball team, so that's also out.

I emailed the head baseball coach asking if I could maybe be a manager for their upcoming season. I don't really know all of what managers do.

I know that I'll be keeping score/book because Coach asked me if I had ever done it before and I said that I had a pretty good understanding of it.

I also asked a cousin whose son played high school ball and she said that I would be keeping score and stats, and keep the dugout clean and stuff, but I still want to know more.

Rick answered: Madelyn, thank you for your question.

You are about to step into one of the more important jobs in a high school baseball program.

It is a low profile, high responsibility position.

Due to differences in facilities and coaches' needs, programs will vary some as to their managers responsibilities.

First and foremost everywhere is "keeping the book." Fairly straight forward and most coaches are more than willing to answer questions when that inevitable bizarre baseball play pops up.

In addition to the book, our managers put up the flag on home game days, make sure we have enough game balls in the dugout, put in the bases and make sure the bag of throwing baseballs are out by the time players have finished stretching and start to throw.

We also have a PA system and field music that our manager sets up. Some days they have to set the stereo up for practice also.

The dugouts and field are maintained by our players.

The "book" is a biggie! After games the head coach will total that days stats. If it is a home game, he will call the game into the newspaper. It is a big help when the "book" is neat and legible. Makes everything go faster.

Over the years we have had a couple of managers who received college scholarships to be a manager at the school they decided to go to. You never know where that all might lead.

We had a former player, the year after he graduated, was at a Rockies spring training game, standing near their dugout. One of the coaches asked him if he wanted to be the bat boy for that day, he said yes.

That ultimately, the next year, turned into a full time clubhouse manager position year round for the Rockies. Right place at the right time and willing to do whatever they needed. A recipe for success.

Good luck with your upcoming season. You sound every bit like the person they are looking for. Take your interest and run with it.

Yours in baseball,


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