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Unique Force Or Tag

Anonymous asked: Runner on 1st - Batter hits a fair ground ball down 3rd base line where it is knocked down but no throw is made.

Runner slides in safely touching and occupying second base. Batter-runner reaches first base with an infield single.

Runner that reaches second thinks the ball was foul and starts walking back to first base.

Does the defense have to tag this runner for it to be an out? Or is it still a force out at second?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

The situation you describe becomes what is called a "force-removed" play.

Once the runner from first touched second base, he was legally safe, removing any force out call.

The batter-runner is legally occupying first base, so the runner at second can not return there.

With no force in effect, the defense must tag out the runner, who is now stranded between first and second.

If they accomplish the tag prior to the runner reaching second, runner is out.

Runner gets back in to second, prior to the tag, runner is safe.

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