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TV fan disruption

by Bill

Bill asked: When did T.V. broadcasting first implement the rule of not showing on field fan disruption?

Rick answered: Bill, thank you for your question.

I have been unable to locate information on when this policy came into effect.

I would throw out a guess in the 70's sometime. Possibly one of our readers may have some information on the subject.

There was a fairly long period where they displayed all of it, and then replayed it over and over.

Eventually, I believe they figured out that by showing that type of behavior they were providing approval for what was happening; when indeed it was the other way around.

The more they showed it, the more instances there were.

Disrepect for the game and it's participants, invasion of everyone else's rights, interference with the tempo of the game, as well as the risk of injury to the perpetrator, all negatives.

Personally happy MLB and the networks went to this policy.

Hopefully one of our readers can shed some insight into the specific time frame.

Yours in baseball,


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