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by Curt

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Curt asked: How is it legal for teams to trade after the trade deadline? They do it every year.

Rick answered: Curt, thank you for your question.

The July 31st trade deadline was for non-waiver players. Trades are set up, worked out by teams by that date, with an open and serious intent to make a trade happen.

The trades you are seeing currently are for players put on the waiver list. Most players will end up on the waiver list at some time or another during their career.

Being on that list does not mean a team must trade you, if another team claims you.

What many teams are doing at this time is shopping players, to see what type of interest there is out there, to set up possibilities for off season trades.

Occassionally, teams do work out a trade in August, like the one you have been reading about between the Dodgers and the Red Sox.

The Dodgers are looking for some help to win right now. They are in the pennant hunt and feel there is a good possibility they can be successful with the players they were able to obtain from the Red Sox. They inherit some giant money obligations; but must feel it is worth the gamble, based on the players they were able to get.

The Red Sox are finishing out the season, saddled with some healthy contracts that did not pan out for them. Through the waiver wire they are able to shed those high end contracts, freeing up much needed capitol for rebuilding their team for 2013.

Probably a good situation for all concerned, ownership, coaching staffs and players. Sometimes it is just good to have a change of venue and personalities.

These types of decisions are generally not unilateral. Input comes from all directions.

Short view of the trades. They are certainly far more complicated and involved than I can speak to.

Yours in baseball,


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