The Ole Ball Game

This boy steps on the plate at every pitch.

by Because Ochoa
(Long Beach,CA)

Because asked: A boy stands in the box.

At every pitch his back foot hits the middle of home plate.

The blue is told to watch his foot.

So once again the pitch is thrown, the boy moves into home plate and gets hit, without an attempt to get out of the way.

He was awarded first base.

Is this the right call?

Rick answered: Because, thank you for your question.

Batting Infractions - A batter shall not:

Art 2... Hit the ball fair or foul while either foot is touching the ground, completely outside the batter's box, or touching home plate.

Penalty: The ball becomes dead immediately and the batter is out.

Art 4...Permit a pitched ball to touch him.

Penalty: The batter remains at bat (pitch is a ball or a strike), unless pitch was a third strike or ball four.

Umpire was wrong in awarding first base. If the batter's back foot was stepping on home plate when he was hit with the pitch, he clearly moved into the pitch intentionally.

This must have been a fairly young age group, where the pitchers are not yet throwing hard.

The umpire should call the pitch a strike, and continue on.

Ultimately, the umpire should call time and explain to the batter that he cannot step into the pitch, or on home plate, if for no other reason than the players safety.

Cannot award a walk in that situation, it is against the rules.

Yours in baseball,


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