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There is a runner on third with one out in the bottom of a regulation play the ball is hit to the first baseman who gets it what should the first baseman do

by Cassie

Runer on 3B, one out, bottom of last inning

Runer on 3B, one out, bottom of last inning

Cassie asked: There is a runner on third with one out in the bottom of the regulation play.

Ball is hit to the first baseman, who gets it.

What should he do?

Rick answered: Cassie, thank you for your question.

In the situation you are asking about, the first baseman's decision is based on the score at the time.

If the runner on third base is the tying, or the go ahead run, the 1B would be playing up on the grass, as will all the other infielders.

If the team in the field were ahead by 2 or more runs, they would all be playing back, looking to get an out at first base, even though the run would score.

If up on the grass, the next determining factor is how hard the ball is hit. If it is hit really slow, the 1B may only have a chance at the runner going to first.

If it is hit hard enough and the runner from third goes, throw to the plate to keep the tying or winning run from scoring.

There will be times when the first baseman could field the ball, look the runner at 3B back, and step on 1B for the out.

If the run from 3B is the winning run, and he goes, the play has to be at home, as the game will be over if he scores.

A lot for an infielder to think about. You have to know before the pitch is thrown, what your reaction will be, there will be no time to think when the ball is hit, just react.

Yours in baseball,


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