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the the run count

by Dave

Runner out at second, run from third does not score.

Runner out at second, run from third does not score.

Dave asked: Runners on first and thrid with two outs.

Batter hits ball to the outfield, runner from third crosses home plate, before runner from first base is thrown out at second base.

Does the run count?

Rick answered: Dave, thank you for your question.

Rule 9 Scoring-Record Keeping

Section 1 How a team scores

Art 1...A runner scores one run each time he legally advances to and touches first, second, third and then home plate before there are three outs to end the inning.
Exception: A run is not scored if the runner advances to home plate during action in which the third out is made as follows:

a. by the batter-runner before he touches first base; or

b. by another runner being forced out

Runner from first base would have to have reached second base safely, rounded the bag, then been putout by the defense.

In that situation, the run would have scored.

Since the force was still in effect in your scenario, the force out recorded at second base negates the runner scoring from third.

Runner out at second, run doesn't score.

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