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the runner breaks for home

Anonymous asked: Runners on 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs.

As the pitcher begins his windup, the runner breaks for home. The batter squares up like he's going to bunt, but the catcher, anxious to catch the runner, jumps forward on the plate and under the bat. He receives the pitch before the batter can make contact and tags the runner.

What's the call?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

The rule which covers your situation is 8-3-Art 1...Each runner other than the batter-runner ( who is governed by 8-1-2) is awarded a base when:

c. he is attempting to steal or he is forced from the base he occupies by a batter-runner or runner who must advance because the catcher or any fielder obstructs the batter, such as stepping on or across home or pushing the batter to reach the pitch or touching the bat (8-1-1-e).

8-1-1 Art 1e:

1. Any runner attempting to advance (i.e, steal or squeeze) on a catcher's obstruction of the batter shall be awarded the base he is attempting.

Short version, umpire should call time and rule on the obstruction, the runner is safe.

Bet this one got exciting. What was the actual call in real time?

Yours in baseball,


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