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The batter hits a grounder and throws the runner out at first. the coach asks to see the ball then shows it to

by Dick Ferris
(Bakersfield, Calif. USA)

Dick asked: The batter hits a ground ball and is thrown out at first.

The opposing coach notices that the ball is not a legal ball and shows it to the umpire who agrees the ball is not an approved ball who then takes it out of play.

What is the status of the runner who was thrown out?

Rick answered: Dick, thank you for your question.

I was unable to locate anything specific to the illegal ball in the rule book.

I would assume it would be an illegal pitch, when discovered. Could revert back to the pitch that was hit becoming a called ball, batter either awarded first base if it was ball four, or continuing the at bat. Out would be negated, as the pitch was illegal and the ball becomes immediately dead. Ball gets removed from play.

All assumption on my part; but that seems to be the logical sequence. The unapproved ball creates an illegal pitch, when discovered, and becomes a called ball as well as dead ball. Not retroactive to all previous pitches because it was not discovered until the ball was put in play.

Yours in baseball,


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