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tag ups

by rich seggi
(erie pa usa)

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Rich asked: Runners@ 3rd and 2nd, one out, batter hits a fly out to center.

Runner on third tag is legal, but runner on 2nd left to soon.

Runner on 3rd scores before the appeal at 2nd. Does the run count?

Rick answered: Rich, thank you for your question.

The rule covering the situation you describe is Rule 8-2 Art 6h:
Tagups: If a runner leaves a base too soon on a caught fly ball and returns in an attempt to retag, this is considered a time play and not a force out.

If the appeal is the third out, all runs scored by runners in advance of the appealed runner and scored ahead of the legal appeal would count.

Runner from third scores, runner on second is the third out, on appeal.

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