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swing and a miss, strike out but the pitch is in the dirt.

Anonymous asked: After the batter swings and misses on a called third strike,but the pitch is in the dirt, why does the batter still try to run to first base?

Rick answered: Rick answered:

Thank you for your question.

Rule 9.15 Strikeouts

A strikeout is a statistic credited to a pitcher and charged to a batter when the umpire calls three strikes on a batter, as set forth in this rule 9.15

a) official scorer shall score a strikeout whenever a batter:

1) is put out by a third strike caught by the catcher;

2) is put out by a third strike not caught when there is a runner on first, before two are out;

3) becomes a runner because a third strike is not caught

4) bunts foul on third strike, unless such a bunt on third strike results in a foul fly caught by any fielder, in which case the official scorer shall not score a strike out and shall credit the fielder who catches such foul fly ball with a put out.

A batter is out when:

2) A third strike is legally caught by the catcher ("Legally caught" means in the catcher's glove before the ball touches the ground.)

3) A third strike is not caught by the catcher when first base is occupied, before 2 are out.

One reason they run, if there is a runner on, is to see if the catcher will attempt to throw them out at first.

The strike out does not create a dead ball situation, so if the catcher makes a throw, and it becomes an overthrow, the runner from first is able to advance, at their own risk. The batter is still out.

Most always seen at the Little League Level, before the players are familiar with those types of situations.

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