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stolen bases

by William Schmidt
(Woodbridge, Ca)

William asked: In a double steal, if one base runner gets tagged out, does the other base runner get credited for a stolen base?

Rick answered: William, thank you for your question.

With less than two outs, the runner who does not get tagged out gets credit for a stolen base, regardless of whether he is the lead runner or the trailing runner.

With two outs, credit becomes based on the time of the tag, whether the second runner had reached his base prior to the third out being made.

Example, runners on first and second, two outs.

On the pitch, both runners attempt a double steal.

The catcher decides to throw through to second base, and is successful in getting the ball there in time for the third out.

If the runner from second base has reached third base, prior to the tag and subsequent out at second, he gets credit for a stolen base, as he reached it while the ball was still live.

If you look at a standard, first/third double steal with two outs...The catcher decides to throw through to get the runner at second base.

The runner from third base reaches home plate, prior to the out recorded at second.

The base runner from third base gets credit for a stolen base, as well as a run scored.

The decisions are all based on the timing issues within the play itself.

Yours in baseball,


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