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Stalling. No action by Offense or Defensive player, what's the call

by Rod S
(Lenoir, NC. USA)

Rod asked: Example one, batter hits a ground ball in fair territory to an infielder.

The runner does not run to first base and the fielder holds the ball and does not throw it to first base to force the out. What's the call ?

Example two, a runner is caught in a rundown between bases, the runner stops running and the fielder just stands there with the ball, what's the call ?

Rick answered: Rod, thank you for your question.

In the first example you stated, it is possible for an umpire to call the batter-runner out, if he deemed the action was an attempt to make a travesty of the game. There is a clause in the rule book to that effect. Somewhat similar to running the bases backwards.

If that wasn't the case, then the ball is still live until someone makes a throw, runs over and makes a tag, or throws the ball away and it becomes dead.

No call on the second one, the ball remains live, the runner can stand there, it is the defense's
responsibility to tag out the runner, or make some form of play on him.

In both scenarios, there should be someone on each team that steps up and makes something happen.

The only one who can suspend play is the umpire, so no one can call a time out.

To date, have never seen the first one happen live; the second one happens frequently where a runner will get caught in between bases. The runner doesn't have to move, it becomes the defenses responsibility to force the issue.

There is no stalling. Pitchers are on a time limit to throw a pitch, batters also to step in the box. All other live ball actions have to play out.

Yours in baseball,


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