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should runner at 3rd base go hom

by justin
(rankin inlet canada)

Runners On First And Third, No Outs

Runners On First And Third, No Outs

Justin asked: Runners at first and third , no outs.

Batter hits ground ball to second baseman who is playing in.

Should runner at third go for home plate or stay at third while double play takes place?

Rick answered: Justin, thank you for your question.

In this situation, there are factors to consider by the runner at third base, before the pitch is made.

1. The score at the time, are you ahead, behind or tied?

2. Inning you are in, early, middle, late.

3. Offensive team having trouble scoring runs in this game?

4. 2b playing normal DP depth, or is he up on the grass? If he is up on the grass, then their intention is to keep the runner on 3b from scoring. That becomes a player read on how hard the ball is hit.

If he is back at normal DP depth, runner should be off at contact on the ground ball.

5. How fast is the runner on 3b?

6. How hard is the ball hit?

7. How strong is the 2b's arm?

8. If you decide you are going, you are off on the batter's contact with the ball. If you are reading to see if the 2b goes to the SS, you are off on throw, make the SS throw you out.

When you write it all out, it seems like a lot to process. In reality, much of the information players should already have by:

1. Watching the other team take infield before the game

2. Score of the game, ahead, tied or behind should always be in their mind.

3. Runner at third should know his speed and react accordingly.

Yours in baseball,


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