The Ole Ball Game

Scoring Query

by Myron Struck
(Springfield, VA, USA)

Barehand Pickup

Barehand Pickup

Myron asked: Two parts. Runner on 3b, bottom of the last inning, tied, no out.

The ball is hit to the third baseman softly coming down the line, but behind the runner who is trying to score the winning run.

The fielder grabs the ball and tries to get it into his hand to throw home and stop the run, but it squirts away toward the dugout.

Game over.

What does the batter get?
What does the fielder get?

FC? H? RBI? E-5?

Part 2: If the fielder MADE the play and the catcher tagged out the runner coming home, it would be a FC.

If the fielder MADE the play and the catcher was late with the tag at home (i.e., clearly no error by the throw or catch), with the winning run scoring, how does that CHANGE the scoring from the situation/circumstances pointed out above?

Rick answered: Myron, thank you for your question.

Part one:

The official scorer has a couple of decisions to make, the results of which will determine the scoring.

If he decides that even without the error, the 3b had no chance to throw out the runner, it would score as a fc, rbi, run scored.

Should he decide that fielding the ball cleanly the 3b would have been able to throw the runner out; but he bobbled it, thus the run scores on an error, batter recorded with an fc for the at bat, but with an rbi.

Part 2: Still a fc, rbi, run scored, you just don't have the error on the 3b.

Yours in baseball,


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