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Score keeping question regarding holding a runner. Base hit?

No Errors Recorded For Mental Mistakes

No Errors Recorded For Mental Mistakes

Anonymous asked: Hi. I have a score keeping question.

Runner on third base with less than two outs.

Batter connects on a 'swinging bunt' (i.e. clearly not a bunt attempt).

The catcher fields the ball in front of the plate and looks the runner back to third. In so doing, he allows the batter time to be safe at first--the throw to first was not in time, and there was no error involved.

Is this clearly a base hit or is it a judgement call? Does it make any difference if, in the scorekeeper's opinion, the batter would have been out except for the catcher holding the runner at third?

Thank you.

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

It should be scored as a base hit, since the batter beat the throw to first base.

Errors are not given for mental mistakes.

In this case, the catcher did what he should do in that situation, check the runner before you throw to first.

Batter out runs the throw, base hit.

Yours in baseball,


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