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Sacrifice Bunt

by David

David asked: Runners at first and third, no outs.

Coach signs for a sacrifice bunt. Runner at 3rd stays but the runner at 1st moves up to second base.

Is this scored a sacrifice bunt or is the hitter given an at bat?

Rick answered: David, thank you for your question.

The rule covering your situation is 2-31-1:

A sacrifice is a bunt which enables any runner to advance, or a fly ball (sacrifice fly) which enables a runner to score.

In either case, the result is the batter-runner being put out before he reaches first base, or would have resulted in being put out if the batted ball had been fielded without error, and provided two were not out when the ball was hit.

A sacrifice is not listed as a time at bat. (9-3-4)

Since the runner from first base advanced to second, batter-runner is credited with a sacrifice bunt, no time at bat listed.

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May 11, 2015
Sacrafice Bunt - Runner on 3rd
by: Laura

If a coach calls for the batter to lay down a sacrafice bunt with a runner on 3rd but the fielder holds the ball and does not throw the runner out at first AND the runner on 3rd remains on 3rd - is this still considered a sacrafice bunt. The batter had to sacrafice his at bat even if the runner didn't advance - so how is this recorded?

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