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runners on first and second with one out umpire calls infield fly the fielder drops the ball does the runners have to tag to advance

by Gerald Herbert

Infield Fly

Infield Fly

Gerald asked: When the umpire calls infield fly and the fielder drops the ball, does the runners have to tag to advance?

Rick answered: Gerald, thank you for your question.

An infield fly is a fair fly ( not including a line drive nor an attempted bunt) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, (rule does not preclude outfielders from being allowed to attempt to make the catch) and provided the hit is made before two are out and at a time when first and second bases or all bases are occupied.

If the infield fly is called, it is treated as any other fly ball and the runner must tag up to advance.

If the infield fly is called and the ball lands fair without being caught, the batter is still out and there still is no force; but runners are not required to tag.

In either case the ball is live and runners may advance on the play at their own risk.

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