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Runner on first thrown out at third but batter credited with a double

by Stephen
(New Jersey)

This pitch On It's Way Over Left Fielders Head

This pitch On It's Way Over Left Fielders Head

Stephen asked: With a runner on first, a batter hits a ball over the head of the left fielder.

The left fielder tracks down the ball and fires to third. The runner from first is called out at third.

The batter continued to run to second base.

Is the batter credited with a double if the runner on first is thrown out at third?

I would think the batter should only be given credit for a single as second base would not have been open if the runner had not continued to third and been thrown out.

Rick answered: Stephen, thank you for your question.

The determining factor on double or single would be, that the hitter hit the ball over the left fielders head.

Had it been a ground ball rolled into a gap, which had been cut off by the fielder, it should be a single, with advancement to second on the throw, as a ball like that would not normally end up as a double.

If a hitter hits a ball hard enough that it would normally be a double, the fact that the outfielder was able to throw out the runner from first base, due to the runner waiting to see if the ball would be caught, should not determine single or double for the hitter.

Score Keepers have leeway in how they score plays at times. This would be one of those. If they scored it as a single, the hitter actually gets punished, due the the runners need to determine if the ball would be caught.

Yours in baseball,


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