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Runner on, batter hits home run. Runner trips over base and breaks his ankle. Can batter-runner pass him?

Bruce asked: What happens to the batter-runner who hits a home run, when the runner ahead of him trips and breaks his ankle preventing him from advancing beyond the point of tHe accident?

Rick asked: Bruce, thank you for your question.

Rule 5.10...The ball becomes dead when an umpire calls "time".

The umpire-in-chief shall call "time"...(c) when an accident incapacitates a player or an umpire;

(1) If an accident to a runner is such to prevent him from proceeding to a base to which he is entitled, as on a home run hit out of the playing field, or an award of one or more bases, a substitute runner shall be permitted to complete the play.

Once play is resumed, the substitute runner finishes the injured runners trip around the bases, followed by the batter-runner.

Batter is credited with a home run, 2 rbi's and a run scored.

Substitute runner is credited with a run scored.

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Spalding, Old Time Bat Display

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