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runner on 1st and 3rd..runner from 1st takes off to second base, pitcher while still in contact with pitching rubber turns and throws to second with out stepping off this a balk

by randy
(jackson, michigan, united states)

Randy asked: Runner on first and third.

Runner from first takes off to second base.

Pitcher, while still in contact with the rubber, turns and throws to second, without stepping off first.

Is this a balk?

Rick answered: Randy, thank you for your question.

Rule 6.02 (b) With a runner on 1B the pitcher may make a complete turn, without hesitating toward first, and throw to second.

This is not interpreted as throwing to an unoccupied base.

Generally speaking, you would rather your pitcher step back first, as that makes him an infielder with no restrictions.

The situation you described is legal, as long as the pitcher didn't hesitate towards first base.

Yours in baseball,


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