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Runner hit with ball during rundown ruled out for interference

by frankie

Rundown Action

Rundown Action

Frankie asked: Runner caught in rundown between 2nd & 3rd goes into 3rd standing up, but puts his arms out intentionally.

Ball hits him in back. After initial safe call, ump declares runner out for interference.

Is this the correct call?

Rick answered: Frankie, thank you for your question.

Rule 6.00 Improper play, illegal action, and misconduct

6.01 (a) (7.09) batter or runner interference

5,09 (b) A runner is out when (3) He intentionally interferes with a thrown ball.

There is no problem with the runner going into third base standing up.

As the rundown unfolds, the throw hits the runner in the back, and the umpire in real time calls the runner safe.

Right call up to that point, had the runner not put his arms out intentionally.

My assumption would be that the umpire, caught up in the play made his initial call before he realized the runner extended his arms.

While the arm extension had no real effect on the play, it is a violation.

Had the runner slid, and his arms came up extended in the course of the slide, no issue.

Running straight into the base, arms extended out, a obvious attempt to disrupt, although not successful.

Umpire is correct to revisit and call runner out for his attempt to disrupt, successful or not.

Yours in baseball,


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