The Ole Ball Game

Runner hit by batted ball.

by Jeff Sturgill
(Marriottsville, Md., USA)

Jeff asked: There is a runner on first with two outs.

Runner is hit by batted ball and is the third out.

How would you score the batter in score book?

Rick answered: Jeff, thank you for your question.

With two outs, when the base runner was hit by the batted ball, it would immediately become a dead ball, out number three, inning over.

In the runner's score box, it would go as an unassisted-3, as the 1B was probably the closest to the hit runner. If another defensive player were closer, the putout would go to him.

Batter's time at bat is a fielder's choice, as the play went no further than the base runner being put out. Batter-runner never had the opportunity to touch first base safely.

With less than two outs, it would have been a delayed dead ball, the action playing out to determine the fate of the batter-runner. He reaches first safely, credit a base hit.

If the defense makes the play and throws him out at first, DP.

Yours in baseball,


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