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Ruling on Tag Up Play

by Robert
(Galloway NJ)

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Robert asked: Runner on third, one out.

Batter hits fly ball to left fielder. Runner on third goes to tag up for a sac. fly but leaves way too early.

Left fielder throws the ball into the stands, out of play. Umpire's ruling? Procedure?

Rick answered: Robert, thank you for your question.

Rule 5-Sec 2 Suspension Art 2...When the ball becomes dead:

b. a runner may return to a base he left too soon on a caught fly ball or that was not touched during a live ball;

1. A runner who is on or beyond a succeeding base when the ball became dead, or advances and touches a succeeding base when the ball became dead, may not return and shall be called out upon proper and successful appeal. (8-4-2)

Rule 8 Sec 2 Touching, Occupying and Returning to a base Art 5...If a runner who misses any base (including home plate) or leaves a base too early, desires to return to touch the base, he must do so immediately.

If the ball becomes dead and the runner is on or beyond a succeeding base, he cannot return to the missed base, and, therefore, is subject to being declared out upon proper and successful appeal.

Determining factors are: Where the runner is at the time the throw from the outfield becomes dead.

If the ball becomes dead and he is not on or beyond home plate, runner can return. He should then be awarded home based on the ball leaving the field of play.

If he is on, or beyond home plate when the ball leaves the field of play, he is subject to becoming out based on a proper and successful appeal.

I would guess this one became somewhat exciting in real time. How did it sort out at the time?

Yours in baseball,


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