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Ruling of a Hit

by James
(North Carolina)

Out at 3B

Out at 3B

James asked: Situation:
Runner on 2nd and no runners on 1st or 3rd. One out.

Batter/ runner hits hard groundball into 3rd/SS Gap.

Without knowing if the ball will go through the gap untouched or not, the runner (slow runner) at 2nd proceeds to 3rd unforced on his own judgment.

SS does deep into the hole and is able to make diving knock - down of the ball preventing ball from going into outfield.

By the time SS has control of ball an on feet to make a throw, the batter/runner (very fast runner) is already at 1st and the SS has no possible play at 1st.

Also, by this time the slower unforced runner is a few steps from 3rd and the SS able to throw him out due to SS being very close to 3rd.

Batter/runner did not progress to first as a result of play being made at 3rd.

Is batter/runner ruled a hit?

Rick answered: James, thank you for your question.

In the situation you have described, the batter gets credit for a hit.

Official scorers have the option to use their judgement in these situations; but since there was no opportunity for the shortstop to get the batter runner at first, it would go as a hit.

The runner from second base would be recorded as a 6-5 putout, as the second out of the inning.

Yours in baseball,


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