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Right-handed, Left-handed, How Do I Know Which Is Correct For My Son Or Daughter?

Right-handed, left-handed dominant, what process can you use to determine which is correct for your son/daughter, if there appears to be no clear cut preference on their part?

Having received a number of inquiries on this subject, the steps below may provide you with some answers should you find yourself in this situation.

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3 Quick And Easy Tests For Determining Right or Left Hand Dominance

  1. Do they write with their left, or right hand? Have them write their name on a piece of paper.

  2. Which hand do they hold a pair of scissors with when cutting a piece of paper? Hand them a pair of scissors and ask them to cut a circle out of a piece of paper.

  3. Give them a ball and ask them to throw it to you.

Right-Handed, Left-Handed Tips ~ From the Dugout

SBI Tips ~ from the dugout

  • The three tests above will show a preference on their part, with one and two being fine motor skills.

  • Another possibility is have both a right and left handed glove available, that way they are able to experiment a little. If they are using a left handed glove and remove it to throw with their right hand, you have your answer. At times it can be as easy as that.

Take Your Time, Be Patient As They Sort It Out. They will!

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