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Recording a Fielders Choice in the score book?

by Steve C

Steve asked: I have a debate going on with a scorekeeper.

On a fielder’s choice, let’s say runner on first no outs. Batter hits a ball to the shortstop.

He fields it then throws on to second forcing the runner coming from first out at second. No throw to first by the second baseman.

The batter gets a FC in his scoring box for a fielder’s choice on the score card. Where should the 6-4 go?

I say in the runner’s box. Because that is the action that made him out. Our Scorekeeper says it should go in the batter’s who hit the ball score box.

Who is correct?

Rick answered: Steve, thank you for your question.

You are correct. The force at second is recorded in the runner's box as a 6-4, with a 1 circled for the first out of the inning.

The batter gets an FC written in for his at bat. That way, when you go back through the book to total everything, you can readily see what took place and who should be credited with what.

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May 24, 2019
Scoring a FC NEW
by: Old coach

I've always put the out in the box of the player who made the out, i.e., the runner on first who got thrown out at second, and then put FC in the box of the batter to show how he got on base. Recently, in order to address situations where there is a play on a runner that did not result in an out (either an error or the runner beats the throw) and also, in all fielders choices, to show on who the play was made, I've started putting the runner's number (jersey or batting order) next to the FC.

Apr 24, 2018
Fielder's choice NEW
by: SJS

When scoring the situation described (R1, 0 out, ground ball to short), if the runner is out 6-4, I record FC 6-4 for the batter since I can describe the out, as well as mark 6-4 for the runner. If the shortstop had thrown wide to second, I would mark the runner as E-6 and the batter as FC E-6, again just to show what happened. I put as much information in as I can.

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