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pop out and runner on third

Anonymous asked: I was wondering the rule if a batter hits a pop fly and it is caught.

If runner on third runs before caught and reaches home plate and touches it, when caught runs back to third.

Is he out even though he got back to third in time.

I saw this in a minor kids league and I was confused why he was out. Ruling was that he touch home plate.

Is this true?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

Pop fly, with less than 2 outs, the base runner has to tag up, and then is legal to go after the catch.

If he tags, then leaves the base before the ball is actually caught, he can be put out on appeal by the defensive team.

If the runner, no matter which base he is running from or to, fails to make a proper tag and runs to and touches the next base, he can return to the base he started; but must retouch the base he passed on his way back to where he started the play at.

It sounds like the runner in your situation ran and touched home plate, but failed to touch it on his return attempt.

Had he never reached home plate and went back, he would be safe if he beats the throw back.

Yours in baseball,


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