The Ole Ball Game

Past Players

by Nate
(Quincy Illinois)

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Nate asked: My name is Nate, and my question is in regards to past players.

I am currently seeking out any players at all that were born or onced lived any where in Adams County Illinois ever, I dont care when.

Need all the players I can get, for I am in a family dual with my uncle that created web page/facebook page that is called Adams County Autographs, from celebrities and athletes.

He has a lot of athletes mostly from baseball and I am bound and determined to find one that he does not have, so I am asking for help.

Everytime I think I have one he always says I have his or her picture, or yup, got that autograph then he will post it on facebook page just to show off.

So please I need help if you can look at his page on facebook its call Adams County (IL) Autographs....thanks if you are able to help please email me back at

Rick answered: Nate, thank you for your inquiry.

I looked at your uncle's site, he certainly has a great collection of autographed material. I was amazed at how many professional baseball players came from that county.

I do not know of anyone you could add.

I saw his autographed material for Paul Reuschel, who played for the Indians and Cubs.

Paul and I were roommates in Galesburg in 1967, playing in the CICL. Wonderful experience. Fun summer.

Yours in baseball,


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Spalding, Old Time Bat Display

Louisville Sluggers. 1920's

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